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Tales From the Twisted Mind of a Madman

These are the stories that I have written that exist online. I hope you enjoy!

Occam's Razor: Nothing Unreal Exists, version 2.1

A coming of age story for the 21st century, Occam's Razor: Nothing Unreal Exists v2.1 is about a young man getting hooked on a virtual reality fantasy game, and experiencing the irony of falling in love online. This story was originally written in 1996, before modern Massively Multiplayer Online games existed. So while it may appear at first glance to be fan fiction based on today's MMOs, it isn't. Contains graphic violence that may disturb younger readers.
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Forgotten Pain

Forgotten Pain is arguably the best story I've written. It's a tale about love and loss in a world where lifetimes are measured in hours or days. Warning, this story contains some adult content, since I wrote it during a dark time in my life when I had to re-examine by faith after a bad break-up up with someone I loved.
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The One Day That The Sh*t Hit The Fan

Of all the in-class writing assignments I have been given over and over again in both high school and college English courses, few annoyed me as much as this one: Where does your inspiration for writing come from? This was the one time that I decided to answer truthfully. One warning: this was written before the Columbine tragedy; writings like this would get a student locked away for good now, so if you're a student looking for something to copy off of the 'net, I would advise moving on...!
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I will add more stories on here as time permits, so check back once in a while!

Self Published and Online Fiction

I am a supporter of self-published and online fiction. Here are some authors' sites that I have found interesting:

The World of Asharia

This is the site for a self-published series of fantasy novels. I have read the first book and enjoyed it quite a bit. The second one looks outright cool; especially for anyone who tends to like the "bad guys" in books more than the heroes...!

Big City

An excellent site that contains a series of online stories set in and around a modern city populated by fantasy creatures and more sinister elements. I have read the first story, Avatar, and was very impressed! This is one of the most entertaining short stories that I have ever read! I look forward to reading more of what Big City has lurking in its depths!


This is a complete free online novel by R. L. Salisbury. This is another link that was placed in my sci-fi/fantasy message board. It looks interesting; I'll have to let you know more about it when I find time to read it! :) The page layout is nice, though: it has links to individual chapters, so it should be easy to read at your own pace!


A strange site that contains online stories, and a bulletin board.

I am happy to add links to authors' sites to this page. If you would like your link added to this site, let me know!

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